International Air Meet

Racing Poster 1910

High Velocity Events, LLC presents “THE BIG ONE”- The International Air Meet-Championship Cross Country Air Races! Set aside may 23-26, 2014 and head to Durant, Oklahoma where pilots will gather to test their machines and their skills on two cross country racing events.

Air racing started in 1909 has seen over a century of invention, innovation and the arrival of the airplane as a normal part of our everyday life. Air racing has come forward to become a relevant, viable sport for all pilots.

Those of us with kindred passions thrive on sharing their innate love with others similarly afflicted. For over a century aviators have congregated in all manner of gatherings. Pilots do seem to have an inborn need for speed. In 1909, the first air race was held in Reims, France. A 6 mile course was laid out and the lone American entry, Glenn H. Curtiss emerged the victor. He was the fastest man in the sky having flown 46.5mph. For 10 days in January 2010 thousands gathered at the Los Angeles Air Meet. Again, Curtiss was the fastest in the grand finale 10 lap speed race.

Over the next century the airplane and aviation have evolved with the times. It is now time for pilots to gather at annual Air Meet and take part in our beloved and time honored sport of Cross Country Air Racing!

The International Air Meet, held on the Memorial Day weekend, 2014, offers four days of camaraderie, fun and exciting racing . Cross country racing is the SPORT OF FLYING, FLYING IS THE SPORT! Race pilots fly a normal cross country flight over a set course while being individually timed. The goal is to make that trip as fast as possible adhering to all Federal Aviation regulations. It is safe and fun and provides not only a test of pilot skills but is a proving ground for their aircraft. The competition is classed allowing all propeller driven fixed wing aircraft to be able to compete equitably.

This is a two race meet. On May 24th the “100” will run and is a Sport Air Racing League Championship Sanctioned Point Event. On May 25th the “600” offers expanded classes and the ultimate Fastest of the Fast International Cup Championship awards. The Cup Championships provide a real world proving ground and the winners will set the bar for all future competitions. The Sport Air Racing League classes will be used for both races with Challenge class racing and top speed in category cup championships awarded in the “600”.

It all takes place in America’s Heartland at Durant, Oklahoma. The Great State of Oklahoma welcomes the race pilots and their friends and families to Durant Municipal Airport. KDUA is a shining example of a city airport. Durant recognizes the importance of this airport and has a new state of the art terminal and all runways, taxiways and ramps are in prime condition. Management and the airport businesses are ready to show all real Oklahoma hospitality. Racers will land in the heart of the Choctaw Nation and the adjacent Choctaw Resort Casino offers world class accommodations and entertainment.

High Velocity Events strives to provide all pilots with an annual Championship Air Racing event and gathering that provides the best in competition, safety and just “plane” fun. Come on out and FLY!

Navigate this site for all the details. Enter and join the fold and become an air racer!